Diving in Australia and Pacific

    Anchor Reef Anchor Reef, Vanuatu

    An old ship's anchor embedded in the reef at 14m deep.

    Annie's Bommie Taveuni Island, Fiji

    Anzac Reef Townsville, Australia

    Several reefs with coral gardens, wallas, sharks, turtles...

    Apex club Perth, Australia


    Avapeihi pass Huahine, French Polynesia

    An interesting dive, with a lot of sharks (mostly white tip, and grey sharks) and some rays.No shark feeding is done on this site, so you will really see natural shark behaviour.

    Avatoru Pass Rangiroa, French Polynesia

    Less interresting than Tiputa, but a good dive.

    Balmoral Baths Sydney, Australia

    Lots of macro life living on the nets, although very few sea horses left(if any - possibly poached for the aquarium industry? Some schools of bream frequent this area. Watch out for children jumping off the wharf on summer weekends.

    Bare Island Sydney, Australia

    Perfect dive site for for either day or night diving, in almost all weather!

    Barneys' Rock Canterbury, New Zealand

    seal colony

    Barracuda Hole Taveuni Island, Fiji

    Barracuda Pass Cairns, Australia


    Bass & Flinders Sydney, Australia

    You can start diving here and drift (at high tide) to Oak Park.

    Bell park Rockingham, Australia

    Dive trails joined bylocaldive clubby ropes. several boat hulls and 2 aircraft that can be dived into 30ft long . lots of fish snapper (juvenile) sambos, and seahorses on theropes, popular with dive courses , lots to exploreand alsovery goodatnight.sometimescan be very silty depending on tide flow ,…

    Beqa Passage Viti Levu, Fiji

    Diving in Beqa Passage is GreatYou can find Outstanding. Typically, visibility is Excellent ( > 30 m)The average depth is 20 m / 65.6 ft although the maximum depth you can reach is 35 m / 114.8 ftTo reach Beqa Passage you have to do it By boatThis dive site is best suited for CMAS * / OW divers.

    Betty Bomber Truk, Micronesia

    Long Range Bomber Upright

    Beware Reef Phillip Island, Australia

    Bicton Baths Perth, Australia

    Big Seal Rock - The Cavern Seal Rocks, Australia

    This is a unique dive site to meet and photograph Grey Nurse Sharks (at least 60 grey nurses)!The site is very controlled; no more than 6 divers at a time in the gutter, close together to not disturb the sharks.

    Big Seal Rock - The Wall Seal Rocks, Australia

    Great wall dive. Soft corals on the wall and nice coral garden.

    Black Rock - Northern side South West Rocks, Australia

    The starkness of these two rocks above the surface gives no indication of the beautiful coral garden below. The two rocks are situated off Smoky Cape beach which sweeps southwards from Smoky Cape Lighthouse towards Hat Head in the south. Though there are two rocks, the surge in the gutter between…

    Black Wall Lomaiviti, Fiji

    A outstanding dive site in front of Julia Roberts beach bungalow. Nearly always Manta Rays and Hammerheads can be spotted there, also lots of small reef sharks in the lagoon. Great Dive!

    Blairgowrie Pier Melbourne, Australia

    Lot of sponges on the pylons.

    Bligh Reef Far Northern, Australia

    Great wall with small caves, nice coral gardens

    Blow Hole Lady Elliot Island, Australia

    A great cavern with two entrances: - One on the top of the reef at 15m, just a short distance from the mooring - The main entrance is on the reef wall at around 20 m

    Blue hole Guam, Micronesia

    The Blue Hole is one of Guam's most popular dives. The "Blue Hole" is within 30 yards of shore. However, the shore it's near is a towering, jagged cliff on a military base.Therefore, it's typically accessed by divers via boat. The Blue Hole is, like Saies Tunnel in Palau, a wide tunnel from shallow…

    Blue Lagoon Rangiroa, French Polynesia

    Marvel at our earth ! Fabulous! so peaceful!

    Blue Maomao Arch Tutukaka and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

    very nice sunlight ambiance.

    Blue Pearl Bay Hayman Island, Australia

    Blue Pearl Bay is one of the more frequently used dive locations in the Whitsundays. Located on the North West corner of Hayman Island, its protected from the frequent South East Winds. Located at the North of the island group means that it receives cleaner water "first" on the incoming tides, for…

    Blue Pools Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    The Blue pools are part of what is like a natural swimming pool, which gives and easy and relaxing dive.Great fish life, with angelfish being very common - the opportunitis for photography are excellent; also batfish, lionfish, gropers and coral trout.Wind and waves formed channels and gutters where…

    Boarfish Reef Melbourne, Australia

    Set of caves, drop offs and overhangs.

    Boarfish Reef Bottle Drift Melbourne, Australia

    Great for finding old bottles

    Boat Rock Southern Queensland, Australia

    Cruise along a huge wall, before you arrive at the end. Wait there for a bit to watch the Eagle Rays come in and just hover out off the wall a bit in the open. Awesome dive, but careful against the current back to the mooring line

    Bowen Island Jervis Bay, Australia

    Bowl Reef Townsville, Australia

    Eagle Rays and reef sharks.

    Boy in the boat reef Perth, Australia

    Boyinaboat reef Perth, Australia

    Very nice peaceful summer dive, recommended for beginners because of its ease of access. as mentioned before there needs to be little or no swell and low winds for a few days before hand as the vis can get quite bad. there is a resident white barred boxfish called phill who is quite friendly and is…

    Brighton Pier Melbourne, Australia

    Broken Bottom Adelaide, Australia

    Visibly is good, but be aware that the lack of distinctive features make it easy to get lost.A common training dive.

    Broken Patches Cairns, Australia

    Bullrock Beach Southern Queensland, Australia