Diving in Australia and Pacific

    Crystal Cascades Cairns, Australia

    Curtin Wrecks Brisbane, Australia

    Sheltered inside Moreton Island this fascinating dive site now comprisesover 30 wrecks ranging from barges, yachts, tugs, pontoons and ferriesright through to an old Brisbane tram. These have all been sunk since1968 to now form a huge artificial reef which is the adopted home forsome absolutely huge…

    Daa Djare Ile des Pins, New Caledonia

    Two large coral boulders with a narrow channel between. Top at 6 meters.

    Dalmeny Boat Ramp New South Wales, Australia

    Kelp beds, gorgonian fans, crustaceans, sponges and a variety of fish life.

    Dart Reef Townsville, Australia

    Davies Reef Townsville, Australia

    Denham Jetty Shark Bay, Australia

    Depot Beach New South Wales, Australia

    Diamond Bay Melbourne, Australia

    diamond island kelp forests Bicheno, Australia

    this is an excelent dive site countless amount of abolone excelent kelp forests and magnificent visuability.

    Diamond Islets Townsville, Australia

    Several islets and pinnacles. Eagle Rays, stingrays and turtles are often seen.

    Diane Bank Cairns, Australia

    Turtles, Sharks, Rays...

    Donga Hienga Hienghene, New Caledonia

    THE place to meet ribbon eel!

    Dongosaro SouthWest Islands, Micronesia

    Soft hydrocorals and many species of fish

    Douoc Hienghene, New Caledonia

    Coral boulders, garden eels...

    Dragon's Lair Melbourne, Australia

    Drum and Drumsticks Jervis Bay, Australia

    rocky reef

    Drummond Cove Geraldton, Australia

    Eagle-rays' station Bora Bora, French Polynesia

    This is a typical snorkeling dive. This spot is a sanctuary of eagle-rays. You can see and swim with many of them. Bottom is a sandy floor.

    East point bombies Darwin, Australia

    A large rock shelf leads to coral bombies appoximately 50m of east point cliffsNeed good neap tides due to the massive tidal range of Darwinlots of small clown fish

    Edith Breakers Seal Rocks, Australia

    Excellent dive with the occasional grey nurse, and with the greatest number of bright and colour fish i have ever seen outside of a tropical region.

    Edithburgh Jetty Adelaide, Australia

    Eliza Ramsden Melbourne, Australia

    46m long iron barque built in 1874. The bow is great.

    Epave du Snark Noumea, New Caledonia

    Escape Reef Cairns, Australia

    Ewans Ponds Mount Gambier, Australia


    Exmouth Gulf Exmouth and Ningaloo, Australia

    lots of big fish and great coral not many wave to push you a riund great for all ages.

    Faille de Noupaa Ile des Pins, New Caledonia

    Fairlight Sydney, Australia

    Fairy Bower Sydney, Australia

    Shallow, easy dive to navigate. Head straight into the water and follow the reek either left or right and turn around once you're halfway through your air.Lots of things to see like eels, occys and nudi's. Highlight here is if you get to catch a glimpse of the dusky whalers. GREAT night dive!

    Fana Island SouthWest Islands, Micronesia

    Beautiful Hydrocorals and every type of fish

    Fifth Point Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    pristine coral

    Fingal Head Nelson Bay and Port Stephens, Australia

    Nice sponge garden.

    Fish Factory Taveuni Island, Fiji

    Fisherman's Beach Melbourne, Australia

    Series of boulders and slabs.

    Fishermans Bay Nelson Bay and Port Stephens, Australia

    This site is a bit of a labarynth with several small islands dotting the bay, the site is shallow in most parts. There is an huge old anchor in the gutters out amongst the furthest islands. Not sure if this is part of a scattered larger wreck or just a random peice.

    Flat Rock Southern Queensland, Australia

    Many different sites around Flat Rock & Little Flat Rock, usually catering for most experience levels.

    Flat Rock Phillip Island, Australia

    Flea Bay Canterbury, New Zealand

    Established in 1999 the reserve cover 215ha east of entrance to Akaroa Harbour. Very exposed coast with boulders, rock stacks, steep cliffs, kelp forests and cold temperate reef fish.Blue penguins can appear at dusk and Hector's dolphins common in summer.(www.divenewzealand.com)

    Flinders Pier Melbourne, Australia

    Great sealife with a lot of Invertebrates